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Singing Secrets: What Every Singer Needs to Know by yours truly. A new book by author and voice instruction Kristina. Click here for more information.

The Singing Actor by Oscar Kosarin. This is a superb book that all singers should read. The primary focus here is on achieving emotion while singing--and in such a way that the audience will feel emotion right along with you. Kosarin discusses lyric analysis, imagery to achieve emotion, phrasing, body movement, relaxation techniques, coping with stage fright, and much more.

Soprano on Her Head by Eloise Ristad. Written for all musicians--including singers--this book explores extraordinary ways to free your creative genius and overcome stage fright.

On Performing by David Craig. The focus here is on musical theatre, but the principles may be applied to nearly any type of music. Auditions are covered, as are common musical theatre questions, but the meat of this book are the interviews with such well known stars as Lena Horne, Robert Preston, Bernadette Peters, Richard Kiley, George Hearn, Lee Remick, and Gene Kelly. Why does Lena Horne turn off the air conditioning when she's performing? Why does Bernadette Peters wander around pulling on her tongue? And what do these quite varied performers have in common? (The answer: Style)

Audition by Michael Shurtleff. This is the ultimate guide to auditions in the theatre world. Anyone who hopes to achieve some degree of success in musical theatre must read this book.

Singing For a Living by Marta Woodhull. A good overall guide to being a working singer. Woodhull covers the practicalities of singing professionally from the local market upward.  There are tips for putting a band together, landing gigs in voice overs, getting a manager, marketing yourself, and performance tips.

Getting Noticed by James Gibson. Something singers learn as soon as they attempt a professional career, is that they must make their own publicity. In this book, you'll find practical tips on how to do this. Learn how to make a press kit, a news release, opportunities to appear on tv and radio, and more.