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"Very enlightening! A practical, useful, and fun way to explore the voice. Teachers, students, and singers of all skill levels will love the wealth of information presented by this experienced and accomplished singer and vocal teacher. I found the easy–to–try tricks to be especially valuable."

Suzannah Doyle, composer, pianist, and teacher


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 Singing Secrets is an honest, down to earth guide to better singing.

In this unique volume, the foundation of good technique is covered in an easy–to–understand fashion, accompanied by over 20 sidebars correcting common singing myths. But Singing Secrets doesn’t stop there. Typical singing problems—and their solutions—are also covered in detail.

* Tend to be sharp or flat?  *
Lack power?  * Too breathy?  * Have limited range?  * Hate your vibrato?  * Want to belt safely?  *  To scat?  *  To use your “whistle voice?”  * To scream without hurting your voice?

Singing Secrets will help you conquer these areas, and others. In addition, you’ll find tips for:  *  Effective rehearsing       *  Better auditions  *  Combating stage fright  *  Working with a conductor or pianist  *  Establishing your own style       *  Vocal maintenance  *  Warm ups and vocal exercises, and much more.

158 pages.

Praise for Singing Secrets:


"I just wanted to say that I really am getting a lot out of your book. I have been to many great voice teachers, but never learned the fundamental basics. This really ties everything together and helps so much within only a few minutes!"

Analisa Corral, singer


“Kristina brings heart and humor to the study of voice, which has often been taught with a painfully technical approach. Her book is easy to understand, with practical and useful exercises. I really can‘t think of any area she hasn’t covered. I’ll be using her material with my students.”
           Lyle Dotson, voice instructor

Entertaining and clear, this is a must–have book for any singer. Kristina provides step–by–step advice that can be followed by the beginner, with plenty of useful tips for the more experienced. Teachers, too, will find plenty here to interest them.”
           Angela Cockburn, performing artist

“Full of practical and helpful tools for vocalists, no matter what style they sing.”
           Kara Churchill, singer and actress


About the Author

Kristina Seleshanko began her singing career at the age of three when she stole the microphone during a Sunday school choir concert, creating her own solo. At the age of nine, she began studying voice with Patti MacDonald, vocal coach to most Miss California’s. At 15, she began studies in opera with Dr. Nellie Arnold, and at 16 made her operatic debut.

Kristina’s passion is musical theatre; she was once an actress in New York City, and has also performed in regional theatre in California and Oregon. In the 1990s, Kristina regularly sang jazz in New York City’s Village Gate, a jazz spot where Harry Connick Jr.’s band sometimes followed Kristina’s act. Today, Kristina offers voice lessons in Oregon, and teachers and voice students from around the globe consult her on vocal issues.

Kristina is also the author of 18 books ( check them out at ), and has written a musical (Jane Eyre, the musical classic) with composer Suzannah Doyle, which premiered with enthusiastic reviews in late 2003.