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“This is one lady with a powerful instrument...She really impressed me with her talent, her delivery, and most of all her voice...Her singing voice startles us with its power and clarity.”
San Francisco’s GT Entertainment


“Kristina Harris [Seleshanko]’s singing was astonishing.”
Carmel’s Prelude Arts Magazine


“To have someone...who sings both jazz and opera is fantastic.”
Santa Cruz Good Times


“Kristina Harris [Seleshanko] shows great talent...Her voice is reminiscent of the great Judy Garland’s.”
Oakland Tribune


“Kristina Harris [Seleshanko] by herself worth the price of admission [to this production].”
San Francisco Chronicle


“Kristina Harris [Seleshanko] is the show’s secret weapon. With a magnificent voice that projects across the theatre, it electifies the play.”
Corvallis Gazette–Times


“Seleshanko’s glorious voice soars through numbers...and her soulful acting enriches her character.”
Oregon Daily Emerald


“Kristina Seleshanko is stellar...[and] absolutely dynamic.”
Eugene Weekly